What Was the Purpose of the First Steamboat?

The Clermont, the first steamboat

Any seagoing vessel that draws energy from a steam-powered engine can be technically considered a steamboat, but the term is most commonly used to describe a kind of ship propelled by the turning of steam-driven paddle wheels. It was often seen on the rivers in the United States during the 19th century. … Read more

How Fast Did Steamboats Travel?

Steamboat at the Honeymoon Bridge

Before there were trains, airplanes, and cars, boats were used for travel on rivers. These ships carried people and goods from one place to another. Traveling on the river is often very slow, as it depends on manpower, river currents, and the wind. It all changed with the invention of steam-powered boats … Read more

What was the Hudson River Day Line?

Hudson River, New York

Sailing up the Hudson River is a very delightful experience and is considered a leisurely activity for those who are not in a rush to make their way north. Making this journey through a steamboat can take you up to four hours, but the whole experience would be one of peace and … Read more

Are Steamboats Still Manufactured Today?

Are Steamboats Still Manufactured Today

Before the arrival of trains, cars, trucks, and airplanes, people from the early United States and its first thirteen colonies had to travel on foot, on a horse, or on the water to further discover the western frontier. Boats and waterways became the most preferred and faster means of transportation as long … Read more

How was water purified during the Steamboat Era?


Steamboats revolutionized commercial and passenger transportation upon their arrival in the Mississippi River and other inland rivers in the United States. They incredibly reduced shipping time and cost with their speed, allowing people and their goods to reach remote places. Thus, stimulating the U.S. economy and immensely contributing to the Westward expansion … Read more

Great Movies to Watch About Mark Twain and His Books

Mark Twain is a name that almost everyone knows. He was a great author who wrote many books, and his novels are still popular today. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing movies about Mark Twain and his books. These films can help you learn more about the life of one of … Read more