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All the images and quotes on this website are displayed on a non-commercial basis for educational purposes only.

The intention has been to use public domain material, however, it has not always been possible to determine provenance and to verify copyright status. If any material is not in the public domain, it will be withdrawn immediately upon receiving such advise and verification.

Some artwork images have been provided by artists, copyright owners or collectors who have found merit in this site, and for this kindness I am deeply grateful. Most of the historical archival images have been restored in some way by myself ~ a tedious and time-consuming process. The majority of the quotes are sourced from historical collections available for educational purposes. If a passage is not marked 'Quote', it has been written by myself.

Wherever possible, all credit is given to artists, photographers, writers and publishers.

Anyone wishing to use an image or quote displayed on this website should carefully research its provenance and copyright status on their own behalf.

All rights reserved. Without prejudice. Errors excepted. No assured value. No liability.

Yours truly, from the riverbank,

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